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There's a secret to these cheesy fries. Step into our office/kitchen and learn all about it. (Photo: Alexandra Winsby.)

Cheese fries are one of life’s great treats. What’s not to love about the combination of cheese and fries? At least in theory. Unfortunately, in practice, cheese fries can often fall flat. Unless you intend to serve fries in a single layer on a large platter, you’ll probably have trouble achieving even cheese distribution. And you know what I hate? Ordering cheese fries only to be left with half a basket of uncheesed fries after having worked through the glorious top layer. The other way you normally see cheese fries served is with some sort of canned stadium nacho-cheese sauce. But really, just…don’t. Don’t do that to yourself. Look at me: You’re better than that.

Lucky for you, after much time spent at a whiteboard with some of the world’s greatest minds (thanks, Drs. Tyson and Hawking; your contributions were invaluable), I’ve solved the equation. The key is cheddar powder. It does take some time to make: about a day. But the results are so worth it. And the powder will keep in the fridge for up to 30 days, so you can sprinkle it on popcorn and, heck, mac and cheese if you want.