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brunch pizza
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We did a lot of thinking this past National Sausage Pizza Day. Those thoughts were mainly about sausage on pizza, and how to keep this time-honored holiday alive, if just through the weekend. 

Then it came to us in a stroke of brilliance: what else goes great with sausage? Eggs. It’s so simple. Can breakfast translate to pizza? Sure, don’t tell us you’ve never eaten a slice out of a stone-cold box on the floor by the Xbox. We’re just sprucing up its bad boy image a smidge. 

Now pizza by itself is a very subjective thing, brunch even more so. Let’s just toss a blanket statement over this whole recipe and make it known that if you prefer your eggs fried, fry ’em. Particular toward poaching? Follow our foolproof guide and poach away. Use pre-made dough from the supermarket or try our easy pizza dough recipe — it freezes very well.