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Meaty mushrooms are the star of this vegan burger.
Photo: Ali Allen

Vegan lifestyle blogger Aine Carlin of Pea Soup Eats released a cookbook any animal product-shunner should add to their library immediately. Not vegan? Pick it up anyway — you know your veggie repertoire needs shaking up. From (vegan) soup to (already vegan) nuts, there’s something for everyone in Keep It Vegan. Know anyone who likes burgers? Really? Everyone? Well then right this way to stuffed burger bliss. Follow Aine on Twitter and Instagram.

There’s no reason to do without burger and fries when meat is no longer on the menu. By stuffing the already “meaty” portobello mushrooms, you create a dense texture that would fool anyone into thinking there’s more than just veggies inside that bun—and when I first turned vegan, that was of paramount importance. I was never a fully fledged fast-food aficionado, but I enjoyed the occasional blowout. Now, however, I can indulge my greasy whims from the comfort of my home and without harming any unsuspecting cows in the process! It’s diner food without the moral, calorific, and overly-processed dilemma, and who could ask for more than that?

Reprinted with permission from Keep It Vegan