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Crunchy fried turkey cutlets with creamy mushroom gravy. Can you say Texan comfort food?

Fourth-generation Texan Jessica Dupuy penned a culinary ode to her home state’s many food cultures, all alive and well. Whether it’s tacos, barbecue or something with a little more European heritage, like these breaded turkey cutlets with rich mushroom gravy, you can be sure you’re eating authentic heritage Texas chow.  

These breaded cutlets are a delicious way to ease into the preparation of game meats. Pounded thin, breaded, and pan-fried, these tender cuts are served with a rich sauce and are sure to win over anyone. The method doesn’t have to be limited to turkey breasts. It is also great for venison, feral hog loin and leg muscles, thinly sliced and pounded, or even duck or goose breasts, skinned and flattened. The mushroom gravy pairs nicely with most game.

Reprinted with permission from United Tastes of Texas