Gazpacho, a chilled soup served in Spain and Latin America, is perfect to make with whatever’s in your summer garden. The sweet, juicy burst of ripe nectarine provides a welcome extra layer of flavor. Stone fruits and tomatoes really do get along so nicely when they’re in prime season, though I wouldn’t fault you for subbing in ripe cantaloupe if that’s what you have handy. I like my gazpacho extra-chunky because I like to look my perfectly ripe summer produce in the eye and hear it crunch. Who said vegetarian food couldn’t be a little animalistic?

The vegetables release a good deal of liquid when blended, so you might not even need to thin it out with tomato juice or V8. The scallion toasts bring a welcome bit of creamy richness and crunch to it all. Think of it as an outdoors-friendly spin on grilled cheese with tomato soup.