I love a great blank canvas, and deviled eggs are just that. Their twist-friendly format just begs for specialty ingredients like truffles, exotic spices and caviar. Or in this case, a much more affordable option found at any Asian supermarket: tobiko, flying fish roe. You may have seen it adorning your sushi. Wait til you see what it does to this picnic classic. Follow our foolproof guide to perfect hard-boiled eggs plus easy tips for peeling them and prepare to impress your guests.

I used red tobiko because the black looked a little…well, not photogenic. That batch looked like zombie deviled eggs. Orange looks nice too and not only would green tobiko look cool with the green chives, it's usually infused with wasabi. I like using Japanese kewpie mayonnaise with any Asian-themed deviled egg for its extra umami kick, but feel free to use regular mayo.