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Put an egg in it.

Classic British toad in the hole is made by baking sausages into a flour and egg batter, not unlike Yorkshire pudding. But that involves batter and baking. We just have eggs, bread and sausage patties and would prefer to get the job done in one pan in under 15 minutes, if possible. What’s that, you say? It’s possible? Well, good.

This dish is highly customizable — use thickly sliced rye, pumpernickel, challah, whatever strikes your fancy. I advise against thinly sliced white bread because it doesn’t contain both the egg and sausage as well as its sturdier counterparts, and if you’re going over-easy (and you should) you’ll want a slice that soaks up all that yolky goodness as it oozes out.

We’re kind of curious to see if our frying an egg on a piece of paper trick would work with this recipe.