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These patty melts are a far cry from the greasy diner classic. They’re still greasy, just in a much, much better way.

Today brothers Max and Eli Sussman have popped up on Food Republic to coincide with the release of their third cookbook, Classic Recipes for Modern People. Here is one of their favorite “future classics.” That is to say, the potential for cornbread and brisket sandwiches making their way to your dinner table is very strong.  

Every once in a while we just have to pat ourselves on the back for doing something we haven’t seen in other cookbooks. We aren’t entirely sure we’re the first to make a brisket patty melt using corn bread, but we are sure this is the best version out there. A vast improvement on the close-to-perfect patty melt is enough to make us feel pretty good about this recipe. When you start seeing this on the menu of every chain restaurant in America in five years, just remember who thought of it first.

Reprinted with permission from Classic Recipes for Modern People