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Make Mom an extra-special brunch, and for bonus points, serve it in bed.

If you’re a garlic fiend, ramp season is your friend. The wild-growing onion-garlic relative is hot stuff from March to about May every year. A few years ago, at my favorite D.C. Italian restaurant Bibiana, I had my first ramp pesto and it was killer — a fresher, more seasonal incarnation of a classic Genovese pesto. Now I’m hooked, and make it at home every year. I go through pints of the stuff every spring. As happens when your fridge is full of something, you slap the stuff on everything until it’s gone, with varied results.

One morning, when I had a god-awful hangover, this sandwich was born. Eggs and bacon are the antidote to the previous night’s excesses, and the ramp pesto gives the sandwich both garlic and heat. It has evolved each year, and mushrooms give it that extra umami kick that makes for the ultimate egg sandwich.