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A rocks glass will work in a pinch, but we'd suggest securing a proper tin, or several.

Well before the Kentucky Derby established its reputable tradition, Southerners would cool off from the day’s heat with one or several mint juleps, filled to the brim with cracked ice. Though most people think of this drink in the springtime around the Derby, juleps and their variations, like the Prescription Julep with cognac, rye and Jamaican rum, are a sure bet year-round.

At the newly opened Half Step in Austin, the Prescription Julep is a regular on their menu, replete with silver tin and metal straw. Beyond aesthetics, the julep’s individual presentation is also crucial to its taste and maintaining the proper chill. Start by pouring in simple syrup and bruising several leaves of mint with a muddler in the bottom of the tin, before adding cognac, rye and a scoop of cracked ice.

Adding a delicious twist, the Prescription Julep has a float of Jamaican run for aromatics, along with the scent of fresh mint from the garnish. While juleps are traditionally made with bourbon, this combination of brandy and rye has been around since the mid-1800s, giving it a similar feel to the classic Sazerac cocktail. A rocks glass will work in a pinch, but I’d suggest securing a proper tin, or several. Enjoy.