Good mustard makes me happy. I usually have at least a few on hand at home — whole grain, Dijon, spicy brown and Coleman’s are staples, but I usually have some other random ones, too. When it comes to pretzels and hot dogs, just some mustard by itself is pretty damn good. But sometimes you wanna branch out a bit, and there’s nothing wrong with deciding you want more than just mustard. If you’re having a party and you just put out a bowl of mustard, some people might think that was weird. But if you put out a big bowl of homemade mustard dipping sauce? Well, fewer eyebrows are raised (those eyebrows are pretty snooty in the first place, by the way, don’t judge mustard…).

What is this good for? Anything you would eat with ketchup, ranch, BBQ sauce or honey mustard on, use this instead. Anything fried, raw vegetables, pretzels (as seen above), sausages, hot dogs, etc. The list is pretty long. The best part? It’s insanely easy and tastes absolutely amazing. Just make sure you use some good-quality mustard. The standard yellow stuff has no place here.