6-time World Champion pizza chef Bruno Di Fabio knows his dough. But not everyone has time to go through the lengthy process of rising, kneading, rising, kneading and so on. Want to slap the sauce and cheese on in under an hour? Stick to the pizza king's 45-minute dough recipe that won't stick to you.

I recommend this dough for people who want to make a pizza at home on a whim.  You can complete the dough making process and while it is undertaking a room temperature fermentation you can preheat your oven and prep all of the rest of your toppings just right. A tip or a trick would be to slack out the dough into an oiled pan and let it rise for an additional 45 minutes in a warm oven before applying the toppings.  

When you stretch out the dough CO2 gases are forced out.  However, the yeast is still active in the dough.  If you let the dough re-gas itself for a little while longer, a secondary ferment occurs.  This will give the crust a lighter and airy finish.  It will also add to the crispness and flavor of the crust.

Editor's note: 2 pounds of flour may sound like a lot, but trust the World Pizza Champion and reap the rewards!