I love stuffing. A lot. In fact, I almost always have at least two kinds at my Thanksgiving (there was some talk of three kinds this year, but a beautiful woman I know was able to talk some sense into me and remind me of all the other food planned). It’s actually been almost 10 years since I first made what’s become a classic for my extended family, and that’s jalapeño-sausage-cornbread stuffing. That’s what I’m using here, but feel free to use regular stuffing.

When you make two kinds of stuffing, there’s a good chance you’ll have a lot of leftover stuffing. And while you can just eat it as is cause stuffing is essentially manna from heaven, sometimes it’s fun to play around with it a bit. So we’re going to make our leftover stuffing into a batter, waffle it (“waffle it”: to place a food item into a waffle iron and make a waffle), and then top it with ham, cheese and an egg. I know, I know…just send all gifts and accolades to the Food Republic office, they’ll make sure they get to me.