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Succulent crab and lobster meat complement sweet and tangy Thai pomelo beautifully in this refreshing, elegant salad.

Recipe developer and food stylist Annie Rigg is a master of the most beautiful foods on Earth, so naturally her next cookbook is packed with colorful, radiant fruits. Incorporate these sweet elements into your favorite preparations and watch the Instagrams take themselves. 

In Thailand, a variation of this salad minus the seafood is often served alongside curries, but in this instance I’ve added lobster and crab to make it substantial enough to be served as the hero. If lobster is hard to find or blows your budget, try using freshly cooked shrimp or grilled squid instead.

Pomelos are native to Southeast Asia and can be found in most good Thai or specialty Asian grocers, where you can also pick up most of the other ingredients needed to make this salad. Pomelos have a thick, smooth yellowish-green skin and are nearest in looks to a grapefruit, although they can be at least twice the size and often weigh in at over 2 1/4 pounds, but a large proportion of this is skin and pith.

Reprinted with permission from Summer Berries and Autumn Fruits