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Making handball sushi is a lot easier than making nigiri. Try it tonight!

If you’re going to cook Japanese at home, you’re going to need some pointers! Join culinary instructor and cookbook author Kimiko Barber and build up a respectable repertoire of fantastic, classic Japanese dishes. This handball sushi will turn even the greenest novice into a sushi-making machine. You’ll need Masaharu Morimoto’s tamagoyaki recipe to make the egg sushi. 

Nigiri-zushi, hand-squeezed sushi is the most difficult to master — it is not just a case of making small rice nuggets and putting slices of raw fish on top. It is an art that takes years of apprenticeship, and out of respect, in Japan people tend not make this type of sushi at home, but go to sushi bars. But do not be disappointed, because there is a quick and easy version of nigiri-zushi called temari-zushi, literally handball-sushi. It is the nearest thing to nigiri-zushi without undergoing years of training, and all you need is a plain cotton handkerchief or plastic wrap.

Reprinted with permission from Cook Japanese At Home