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Prep a plate of these skewers before your guests arrive. Just make sure to have plenty of vino on hand!

One of the most beautiful things about Spanish cuisine is its simplicity. Each ingredient plays a starring role — bread, tomatoes, cured ham, olives, potatoes and so much more. That’s why we love Spanish Made Simple. It takes the already pared-down cuisine and spins it into something you’ll be delighted to make at home. Learn how to make these banderillas with pickles and get ready for a salty-tangy happy hour nosh that requires no cooking. 

Pickled banderillas – customized skewers with your favorite pickles – are another ubiquitous tapa in bars around Spain. We love all pickles; in our supermarkets you will find a wide range of brined vegetables from garlic to artichokes, and fish, from mussels to anchovies. The vinegar flavor tastes exciting in your mouth and it is the perfect match for a beer or two, as an aperitivo. In Spain you can find banderillas ready made, but we prefer to make them ourselves and choose the ingredients we fancy.

Reprinted with permission from Spanish Made Simple