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Make succulent and spicy tandoori to switch up your grilling game.

We’re huge fans of grillmaster Steven Raichlen’s smoky, meaty cookbooks. His latest work focuses on what makes signature grilled foods around the world so delicious. Dive into recipes for sauces, rubs, marinades, bastes, butters and much more. These tandoori shrimp are marinated in a spiced yogurt paste and infused with earthy, spicy goodness.  

Tandoori shrimp is one of the glories of Indian gastronomy. To get the full effect you should serve the shrimp with a kaleidoscopic assortment of side dishes. A bare minimum would include raita and tomato chutney, as well as basmati rice. The more people you have, the more elaborate your spread should be. In India, the shrimp would be cooked in a tandoor, an urn-shaped clay barbecue pit. A kamado-style ceramic cooker will give you a similar effect, and you can also direct grill the shrimp over a hot fire.

Reprinted with permission from Barbecue Sauces, Rubs, And Marinades