Tokyo is one of the hottest global dining destinations you can visit, in no small reason because of the new wave of modern, Japanese-influenced restaurants taking the cuisine scene by storm. Pick up a copy of Tokyo New Wave and discover the chefs, restaurants and recipes popping up on everyone’s Instagram. Next time you need to floor someone with your culinary skills, make this recipe for Takazawa sashimi with soy dots and leek oil, borrowed from legendary Tokyo chef Yoshiaki Takazawa. 

Classic sashimi dishes are traditionally simple sliced fish with soy sauce. I wanted to do it in a more modern way with a twist. So I played with and updated the presentation to make it a bit more unexpected.

Note: A bâtonnet cut is a vegetable cut into batons or sticks, in this case 1 by 3⁄8 by 1⁄8 inches.

Reprinted with permission from Tokyo New Wave