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Crispy rice, upside down.

You probably don't make Persian food enough, which is why you should cook your way through culinary authority Jila Dana-Haeri's From A Persian Kitchen. Learn to make rich khoresh sauces and the rice dishes that love them, bright salads, hearty soups, a million uses for pomegranates and fresh herbs and no shortage of lamb. Speaking of the rice dishes that love them, you're going to love this iconic rice preparation that creates a layer of crisp, flavorful rice at the bottom. 

Tahchin means literally 'arranged at the bottom,' referring to the layering of meat and rice to form a thick tahdig (crust) at the bottom of the pan. It is a very popular rice dish which can be made with either lamb or chicken. Some versions contain spinach or aubergine. A good, thick tahdig is the distinctive feature of this rice; to obtain that, traditionally the rice is mixed with egg in addition to yogurt.

Tahchin should preferably be cooked in a non-stick pan, so that it can be served upside down with the golden crust on top like a cake. The classic tahchin recipe can be found in New Persian Cooking. This version with spinach combines the special flavor of spinach with the delicate aroma of saffron. It is aesthetically pleasing with alternating layers of saffron rice and green spinach.    

Reprinted with permission from From A Persian Kitchen