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This sweet potato and pomegranate soup hits all the right flavor notes to satisfy you.

Vegetable soup is one of the most efficient and delicious ways to get lots of vital micronutrients in your system. Join blogger Kathryn Bruton and explore the world of skinny soups that are big on flavor, low in fat and beautiful to behold. This sweet potato and pomegranate soup is vibrant, healthy and easy to make.

Sometimes I find sweet potato soup a little too sweet, but not here — teamed with citrusy sumac, sour pomegranate, aromatic cilantro, and crunchy roasted peanuts, it is what a bowl of fun should look like!

Tip: If you have a gluten intolerance and wish to use store-bought peanuts, make sure they are gluten-free.

Reprinted with permission from Skinny Soups