Tis the season for all things sweet potato! Recipe developer Mary-Frances Heck has a new collection of recipes out that celebrate this versatile tuber. Whether you’re gearing up for holiday feasts and need a new go-to spud preparation or simply craving a hefty dose of vitamin A, Sweet Potatoes has an answer for you. If you’ve never had sweet potato ice cream, now’s the time!

Rich and smooth, this ice cream starts with cooking the sweet potato in milk, which helps prevent ice crystals from forming when the custard freezes. The ice cream base comes together in a snap, and while cashews are optional, they are delicious with the honey and cardamom. Serve this in a sundae with hot fudge, or make a “sweet potato pie” by spooning the ice cream into a graham cracker crust. Either way, top with toasted marshmallow crème.

Reprinted with permission from Sweet Potatoes