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We love these sweet potato fries with avocado "mayo" from a book that's all about that green goodness.

Celebrate one of the most popular items in the produce aisle with food writer and editor Lucy Jessop’s new cookbook, The Goodness of Avocado. The title says it all, but peek inside and find delicious ways to spin this green gold. Sweet potato fries with avocado are about as good as healthy gets!

You may never return to regular mayonnaise again. This unintentionally dairy- and egg-free “mayo” is made simply from silky smooth avocados, fiery ginger, a teensy bit of garlic and zippy limes, with an optional extra kick from chile. Slather it into a steak sandwich or dollop on the side of these addictive sweet potato fries.

Reprinted with permission from The Goodness of Avocado