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Fry up a big batch of crisp, sweet and savory Chinese sausage fritters. You'll need them.

Joanne Chang, mastermind behind Boston’s much-loved Myers + Chang, has a new collection of recipes out that will stoke your fire for modern Taiwanese food like you’ve never imagined. These crispy sweet potato and Chinese sausage fritters will be invited to every party you throw from now on. 

An addictive treat, these fritters are creamy and soft inside and super crunchy on the outside. They get their exceptional crunch from the panko crust. Panko is a Japanese bread crumb that is puffed so that it fries up light and crispy. You can find panko in most grocery stores, along with small cans of red curry paste (often labeled “Thai”) and plastic jars of sambal oelek. You’ll likely have to visit an Asian grocery store to find Chinese sausage, sometimes labeled “lap cheong.” It is a firm, cured sausage that is reddish in color like salami with a distinctive sweet flavor. Feel free to substitute chopped-up chorizo, bacon, or ham, or leave it out altogether for a vegetarian version. If you can find Japanese sweet potatoes, which have a purple skin and are especially sweet, definitely use those; otherwise, regular sweet potatoes or even yams work well here.

Reprinted with permission from Myers+Chang At Home