And now, a book that needs no introduction: Will It Waffle? Chefs, Food Republic editors, home cooks and general food enthusiasts are pretty much obsessed with the waffle. And rightly so. If you have a waffle maker, and you should, there are 53 recipes waiting to be made in that magical machine. Answer the age-old question — will it waffle? — with a resounding “yes.”

The first time I traveled to Canada, I saw maple everywhere. There’s the leaf on the flag, of course—but also the cans of syrup stacked up in grocery stores, the candies in the convenience stores, the pastries in the bakery windows, and the cookbooks in the gift shops.

Some time later, I ended up moving there and found myself, as one does, wanting to make a sausage homage to my new home. So I incorporated a little maple syrup into my favorite sausage recipe and crossed my fingers that it would work in the waffle iron. I needn’t have worried. It worked beautifully.

Make these for breakfast and follow them up with a round of buttermilk cornmeal waffles. The waffles will pick up some of the drippings from the sausage.

Reprinted with permission from Will It Waffle?