Culinary authority Ghillie James’ new book, Amazing Grains, is full of sweet and savory recipes for any meal of the day. Learning how to work with a variety of grains — and there are a lot — will expand your cooking repertoire without breaking the bank. Try adding crunchy cornmeal to your morning pancakes for a flavor and texture boost. 

These simple cornmeal breakfast pancakes are known in the U.S. as “johnnycakes.” Apparently the settlers of New England were taught by the local Pawtuxet Indians how to grind and use corn for eating. In our house they’ve been re-christened “Wilbo cakes” as my son’s favorite job at the weekend is to whisk up the pancake batter. They are healthier and far tastier than the usual American pancake as they contain whole corn, ground, but if you don’t like the grittiness then you can use a finer-ground corn or just use 1/2 cup extra flour and omit the corn.

Many recipes use buttermilk, but as I wanted these to be an easy “go to” recipe, I have just added vinegar to the milk, which will do the same job. Note that there are small variations in the ingredients for the sweet and savory versions. If making sweet pancakes, top with some melted butter and maple syrup. For the savory version, add some crispy bacon.

Reprinted with permission from Amazing Grains