You don't see much of the supreme pizza anymore. It's either pepperoni or sausage, rarely both, and even rarer still with the perfect accompaniment of sautéed peppers and onions which blister slightly in the heat of the oven. This is a pizza, friends, one you should re-familiarize yourself with. Frozen pizzas come in supreme. Hot Pockets come in supreme. Forget the one-up: multiple-up this concept and make an actually supreme version yourself.

We tried it in the Test Kitchen using homemade dough and frozen dough, then the gamechanging moment: Assistant Contributing Editor Matt Rodbard ran out for a "bambi," or a big ball of pre-made dough from a pizza spot (Get it? Doe? Dough? Cause we didn't get it at first). This is something we all now highly recommend — when it comes to doughs, leave it to the pros. While it's not much to look at and I did technically burn the crust a little, it was to its advantage. A little char never hurt anyone, especially anyone covered in high heat-friendly toppings.