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Give this homemade white chocolate matcha bark as a gift (or keep it all for yourself!) (Photo: Patrycia Lukas.)

It IS easy being green, when you’re the antioxidant-packed green tea powder that’s turning everything from noodles and lattes to desserts a bright, healthy hue. Matcha is hot hot hot! Join lifestyle author Greta Scholtz on a vibrant adventure through the sweet and savory uses of this magic ingredient.

Chocolate bark is probably one of my favorite edible homemade gifts. It’s so simple to make that even a child can do it, and the possibilities for flavors and toppings are endless. You can add dried fruit, nuts, seeds, your favorite cookies or candy, herbs, salt or chili powder. I would, however, recommend using a good-quality eating chocolate, as it’s all about the chocolate.

Reprinted with permission from Matcha