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Crispy, cheesy Buffalo chicken poutine? Why didn't we think of that?

Everyone’s gearing up for the Super Bowl, even French chef David Malbequi of East Village restaurant David’s Café. His  space is French countryside meets downtown NYC, the food is Frenchy does American, the beers are local, the wine is on tap and the drinks are smart. You may want to just stick with a local beer to wash down this superb Buffalo chicken poutine he loaned us, however. It’s a natural pairing. 

I grew up in France, so Buffalo chicken wings were never even on my radar, but in the past couple of decades I’ve spent in the U.S., I’ve come to realize that wings are as American as they get. Before opening my restaurant, I took a trip up to Montreal and was inspired by how obsessed they are with poutine and how many different varieties there are, so I added a “hangover poutine” with peppercorn gravy, a beef patty and a fried egg to my brunch menu.

When it came time to think about the Super Bowl,  I figured why not bring these two “fat kid”–type snacks together for the ultimate tailgate snack? We make our own Buffalo sauce with a combination of several hot sauces, adobo, horseradish and Izak spice (a harissa-inspired dry blend with sweet red chilies) to really amp up the heat and intensity. The gravy features blue cheese and mozzarella, and our fries are double-fried to ensure a crispiness that can withstand the sauce and gravy. Top that with some crispy chicken thighs and you’ve got a flawless game-day indulgence.