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Flanked by hearty creamed corn and tender Brussels sprouts, this perfectly cooked steak dinner will impress the die-hard beef fan in your life.

Food blogger Daina Falk (daughter of renowned sports agent David Falk) just published a cookbook of her favorite tailgating dishes. From rookie recipes to legendary snacks, entrees and desserts, The Hungry Fan’s Game Day Cookbook has a winner for every sports fan out there.

These recipes come from celebrity chef Michael Mina, who has won several awards from Michelin and the James Beard Foundation. In 2002, Andre Agassi first dined at Michael’s restaurant in San Francisco, and during the course of that evening a great partnership was born. Together, they formed the Mina Group, which owns and operates restaurants in San Francisco, San Jose, Dana Point, Atlantic City, and Las Vegas, where Andre is from and resides today. Michael is Andre and Steffi’s favorite chef, and if you ask them for their favorite dishes, they’ll point you in his direction. (And for good reason—his food is insanely delicious.) Michael Mina noted to me, “It’s very intimidating to cook a steak for Andre Agassi. He puts as much into his steak cookery as he would into a tennis match. So when cooking for him, I always have to be sure I’m on my best game!”

Reprinted with permission from The Hungry Fan’s Game Day Cookbook