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Freshen up your lobster roll game with this succulent, sweet and spicy creation from Num Pang.

Move over, bánh mì — there’s a new Asian sandwich in town. (We’re kidding, there’s ample room for both.) Num pang is the name of both this delicious Cambodian sandwich and the NYC shop that slings the best ones outside of Phnom Penh. Join authors and Num Pang co-owners Ratha Chaupoly and Ben Daitz in their quest to fill baguettes with inventive, delicious combinations.

Ben has a special relationship with lobsters. For the first four years of his culinary career, he literally was responsible for cooking and breaking down anywhere from 30 to 80 lobsters a day. Even though he couldn’t look at a lobster for a long, long time, he is still as obsessed with a lobster-packed lobster roll as anyone else — except that his has to have Num Pang’s signature special blend of flavor and crunch. So we poach the lobster in a gingery court bouillon, then combine the cooked and spice-infused lobster with red bell peppers, Thai basil, scallion, and lemongrass, and top it with our Holy Trinity of Num Pang–ness — cilantro, cukes, chili mayo, and of course pickled carrots.

Heads up: If killing lobsters makes you squeamish (yes, the most humane way is to slice straight through its brain), substitute 1 pound of raw peel-on shrimp poached in the court bouillon. Once the shrimp start to curl, transfer to an ice bath, peel and devein, then proceed. Adding a little vinegar to the lobster poaching liquid is the trick to making the lobster meat a lot easier to remove from the shell.

Reprinted with permission from Num Pang