Oakland’s burger master Chris Kronner shares his burger philosophy in his debut cookbook, A Burger To Believe In. Complete with classic recipes, dishes from collaborators like Bar Tartine, a chicken wing salad and a short story from Harold McGee, this book is one for the truest and quirkiest of burger lovers. Want to start the grill out with something from the sea? This Crab Louie salad is sure to do the trick.

When I make this updated version of a crab Louie salad, I always put as much seafood on it as I can—crab, shrimp, prawns, lobster. But then again, I will also buy three pounds of king crab legs and eat them all by myself because I’m a disgusting person and I cannot control my love for consuming shellfish and crustaceans. Here’s how I rationalize it: While so much of our seafood is in peril, most shellfish and crustaceans are very sustainable. The way I see it, crustaceans will probably inherit the seas. One day in a not-too-distant dystopian future, humankind will be down at the beaches shooting giant crabs to prevent them from coming onto the shore to take our bitcoin, because they—and their jellyfish overlords—will be the only things left in the ocean. They might be the kings of the sea but they won’t be the kings of the beach, as long as us humans and our Amazon delivery drone allies have anything to do with it. So basically, that’s why I eat as much crab as I can these days—to prevent a crab ground war.

This salad serves as a hearty shared starter or stand-alone entrée. If you want to skip the salad, just use the dressing—or its leftovers—in a seafood cocktail, with shrimp, crab, lobster tails, whatever.

Reprinted with permission from A Burger To Believe In