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Sweet and tart, this pie will satisfy all your dessert needs.

If you’re going to buy a book about pie, make it Teeny Lamothe’s Tour Of Pie. The noted baker and expert has been featured on some of our favorite blogs and websites and released her first cookbook this spring. Whether it’s a crumble, buckle, brown betty or just a classic, friendly pie you’re looking to bake, Teeny’s got about a ton of options for you. When strawberries and rhubarb are both in season, you know what to do. 

We used to grow our own strawberries when I was a kid. Considering how often my brother and I raided the strawberry patch, it’s amazing my mom was able to gather enough for any pie at all, but when she did she always paired them with rhubarb. It took me a long time to enjoy the taste of rhubarb, but now it’s one of my favorite pairings for berries. The tart bite of the rhubarb is just enough to temper the sunsoaked sweetness of the strawberries. I really like making strawberry rhubarb pie with people who have never had rhubarb; it’s fun to offer them a small bite of the unsweetened rhubarb and watch their faces sour-pucker with disgust. Rhubarb is definitely puckerworthy when it’s raw, but it’s delicious once baked into a pie.

Reprinted with permission from Teeny’s Tour Of Pie