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This sticky pull-apart cinnamon challah combines one of our favorite breads with one of our favorite desserts!

Now that you’ve seen this sticky pull-apart cinnamon challah braid, you’ll never be able to go back. Bake this and a jillion other fantastic-looking treats with Breaking Breads, a much-loved collection of recipes from Breads Bakeries’ Uri Sheft. Inspired by all the regions that comprise Israel’s famed baked goods, Breaking Breads is a must-have for the flour artist in your life.

You can either shape this pull-apart cinnamon challah like an épi or slice all the way through the rolled cylinder to create separate segments and then bake them into pinwheels. The recipe calls for half a recipe of challah dough, so you can take the remaining dough to make 2 slightly smaller loaves or 1 full-size loaf plus a few rolls. You could also take a piece of challah dough, smear it with butter and sugar, and bake it off for a quick treat.

Reprinted with permission from Breaking Breads