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Dive into this ice-cold bowl of Korean beef noodle soup (and don't forget the mustard!).

Da Hae and Gareth West, co-owners of London’s bustling “Ameri-Korean” street food restaurant Busan BBQ, just released a new collection of their favorite recipes. Peruse their cookbook, K-Food, and get to know their distinct style, from classics to inventive fusion and everything in between.

Along with bibim guksu, this is one of my favorite things to eat in the summer. Made from buckwheat, these noodles are springy and chewy — a completely different texture than the soft somyun vermicelli noodles typically used in Korean soups. I like to add loads of vinegar and mustard to the ice-cold broth here, often so much that it makes me suck in my cheeks and gives me a severe case of “mustard nose.”

Reprinted with permission from K-Food