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Simple, hearty vegetarian pasta goes green with fresh, seasonal broccoli from the garden.

What is practiculture? It’s what happens when you leave big-city life to tend your garden, hunt in your backyard and prepare meals according to what’s in season instead of what’s on the supermarket shelves. Modern-day Australian “food warrior” Rohan Anderson’s new collection of recipes follows the practical nature of cooking from the homestead, something everyone should try. 

It seems like forever until the first florets of broccoli are ready in spring. And all that time I could have bought out-of-season broccoli from a supermarket. What an idiot to wait, but the wait is worth it! I love having to go without an ingredient until it comes back into season. It brings an extra element of excitement into our lives. We don’t own a TV anymore. Does that explain things? Seriously, though, this is yet another no-brainer meal — nothing fancy, a weeknight meal the kids will eat. It has cheese in it. Pecorino, too — they love the pecorino. You can make this with any pasta you want. I like the pappardelle because it’s easy to make and it’s massive and fun to eat. As simple as that.

Reprinted with permission from A Year of Practiculture