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Take advantage of seasonal asparagus and make this chilled soup.

Asparagus is in peak season in most parts of the U.S. from April through late May, and should be eaten as close to its harvest as possible to maintain its sweetness and texture. Traditionally, it’s either steamed or boiled, and is often cooked in an upright bundle to allow the woody stems more cooking time than the more delicate tips, which only need gentle steaming to become tender. Asparagus can also be roasted or grilled to create a balance of charred and concentrated sweet flavors.

Last month, I made it down to DBGB Kitchen and Bar in NYC for the debut of the annual seasonal dish, “Asparagus and fried egg with smoked duck and cracklings, mustard egg dressing.” This dish resembles a sleeker and trimmer version of a Scotch egg, without the heavy fried breaded sausage casing. Instead, this elegant spring dish is prepared with lightly breaded and fried soft-boiled egg, served over a creamy, light, whole grain mustard egg dressing in the center of perfectly cooked white and green asparagus, alongside smoked duck and cracklings. It was the perfect early spring asparagus dish.

The egg and asparagus combo inspired me to make an asparagus soup on a recent wet day. Spring asparagus soup can be both warm and comforting, while also worry-free for anyone (my wife) who might be summer-wardrobe-conscious. This is also a great weekend dish to slow simmer.

Michael “Falcon” McCutcheon is a graduate of the culinary program at Johnson & Wales and has worked at the Culinary Institute of America. He gives the best dinners parties ever.