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Go whole broccoli and this this dish for a spin.

The hottest kitchen gadget on the market? The spiral slicer, found online or at specialty cookware markets. Author Ali Maffucci’s new cookbook, Inspiralized, is a treasure trove of veggie noodles just waiting to make dinner healthier. Welcome to your favorite new way to use broccoli stems!

My grandfather makes an unbelievably simple dish with garlic, olive oil, and broccoli. Basically, the broccoli floats in a pool of olive oil; when you pierce a floret with your fork, you have to let it drip-dry for a moment before eating it! As much as I love his version, it always leaves me with a slight tummy ache. This recipe brings in extra flavor from the bacon while minimizing the amount of olive oil. Also, it uses the entire broccoli, stem and all! It’s a recipe that showcases the extreme versatility of the spiralizer and what it empowers you to make out of everyday vegetables.

Reprinted with permission from Inspiralized: Turn Vegetables Into Healthy, Creative, Satisfying Meals