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Food writer and blogger Pamela Braun’s new jerky-centric book is anything but dry. Get it? Cause it’s jerky? Anyway, pick up a copy of this step-by-step, totally comprehensive snack bible and get dehydrated! Well, not you yourself, but lots of various foodstuffs. Thinly sliced Thai-marinated beef, for example. 

If you like Thai food, you’ve found your jerky with this one. It’s sticky, sweet, and a whole lot of flavorful. This is my favorite jerky! You can really taste the coconut in this, because it’s in here in two different ways, but there’s also a bit of heat, too. Even though the coconut milk is unsweetened, the slightly sweet shredded coconut adds a hint of sweetness to the overall flavor. All the flavors in this one are mild, but you can taste each and every one of them. This is another one of those “sticky” jerkies, so there will be lots of finger licking going on.

Reprinted with permission from Jerky Everything