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For lovers of spice, crab and rice, Korean chili crab just may be the perfect dish.

Da Hae and Gareth West, co-owners of London’s bustling “Ameri-Korean” street food restaurant Busan BBQ, just released a new collection of their favorite recipes. Peruse their cookbook, K-Food, and get to know their distinct style, from classics to inventive fusion and everything in between.

My family have been going to Jin Go Gae, a Korean restaurant in New Malden, in southwest London, for the past five or six years. It’s not particularly conveniently located, and it’s pretty far from any station, but it’s known to be one of the best and most authentic Korean restaurants around. In fact, my parents still travel up from Portsmouth to eat there almost every month, and the restaurant is always full. One of my favorite dishes there is a spicy marinated raw crab dish called yangnyum gejang. In Korea, this dish is nicknamed “the rice thief,” because the sauce is so good that you keep going back for more rice to mop it up. Though I love it, raw crab isn’t for everyone, so this is our version. It’s addictive, messy, and delicious.

Reprinted with permission from K-Food