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You hunted (or otherwised procured) this lovely duck. Now treat it right.

Don’t say “farm to table” unless you really mean it! For those who practice the age-old survival methods of foraging and hunting (now vastly more fun as a hobby than as a matter of life and death), there is food writer Susan L. Ebert’s new cookbook. If you’re looking to discover your inner outdoorsy side, pick a recipe and a gun, rod or sturdy pair of gardening gloves and get ready to cook from scratch. 

If you find yourself with skinless duck breasts, try a South American twist: Sixteenth-century Spanish conquistadors delighted in Peru’s delicious anticuchos — spicy skewers of grilled beef heart. I’ve discovered that these are even more delicious made of wild duck. The popularity of anticuchos has spread from the Andean states, where they’re found on street-food carts and in street-food stalls, and into Texas and the Southwest, where we’ve fallen in love with the dish’s sunny, aromatic dipping sauce, spiked with cumin and turmeric.

Reprinted with permission from The Field to Table Cookbook