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Celebrate, elevate and masticate those vegetables! Making food at home, keeping ingredients local and eating in season all helps reduce the carbon footprint of the food we eat, one of many lessons to learn in eco-chef Tom Hunt’s new book, The Natural Cook. Fighting food waste and hunger is the name of Hunt’s game, so if you’re on his team, pick up a copy and prepare to redefine DIY. 

This is a twist on the classic potato pizza bianca, rather comically inspired by leek and potato soup. It works really well. It’s very rich; the cream makes up for the lack of mozzarella.

Storage: The pizza is good eaten fresh, but is also great served cold for breakfast.

Cook natural: Spelt is an ancient grain that is more nutritious and digestible than regular wheat. Even those without an intolerance to wheat will feel the benefits of using spelt flour. It has a delicious nutty flavor and is easy to work with. It can be used to replace wheat flour in any recipe and works really well in pastries and bread. It is also savory and scrumptious as a whole grain used in pilafs and as an alternative to risotto rice.

Reprinted with permission from The Natural Cook