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Photo: John von Pamer

We’re so happy Brooklyn cornerstone Franny’s condensed their spectacular repertoire into one of the best cookbooks of the summer (along with these 6 must-reads). Prepare for homestyle Italian food of the finest quality, each recipe with its own quirky twist. This spaghetti with white (!) puttanesca sauce is destined to become one of our go-to easy pasta dishes.

This dish was a happy accident. Andrew was testing a standard—i.e., tomato-based—puttanesca recipe for this book in which he added all the other elements (save the parsley) before the tomato. It looked and smelled gorgeous in the pan, so we tasted it and found it to be fantastic on its own, without the tomatoes.

To bring out the most flavor from these few ingredients, make sure to get your pan extremely hot before attempting to fry the capers and anchovies until they are brown and sizzling. Once the anchovies have dissolved and the capers are nicely crisp, add the garlic and chili flakes, letting them toast and the flavors develop. Really good olives add both some funkiness and some fruitiness, and parsley lends a nice herbal quality to the heady aromas.

Reprinted with permission from Franny’s