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These spaghetti squash latkes are a crisp, sweet and salty holiday treat. Happy Hanukkah!

Let’s hear it for spaghetti squash latkes! Short Stack Editions are tiny tomes with recipes that focus on one ingredient. The first compilation cookbook is a vibrant collection with an impressive author roster of great chefs, and we couldn’t be more excited to cook our way through. Prepare yourself for some brand-new dishes from familiar names.

If we’re being honest, spaghetti squash isn’t our favorite member of the winter squash family; its flavor and color are far more muted than other varieties. But the delightful formation of its flesh, resembling the noodles for which it’s named, is a characteristic worth playing up in the kitchen. When the squash is matched with grated potato in a spice-forward version of a latke, the squash’s natural strands operate like a tightly choreographed drill team, keeping the batter together with a minimum of added flour. For a gluten-free version, swap chickpea flour in for all-purpose.

Reprinted with permission from The Short Stack Cookbook