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Writer and journalist Rebecca Seal travels where the food is excellent and sticks around long enough to tell the story right. A follow-up to her previous cookbook, on the cuisine of Istanbul (written with photographer husband Steven Joyce), The Islands of Greece takes you on a boat to a great meal. These crackers are…well, they’re crack. 

I tried a dish similar to this at a rooftop restaurant called Herb’s Garden, in Heraklion, Crete, where they make crackers from xinohondros, a tangy mixture of wheat and soured milk. This version uses sour cream rather than xinohondros or equally hard-to-find sour milk and wheat trahanas. Raw fennel and anchovies are delicious on top. Rather than fennel seed, you can use black pepper, dried Greek oregano, chili flakes, grated hard cheese or herbs such as chives in the crackers.

Reprinted with permission from The Island of Greece