We’re big fans of Alison Roman’s latest collection of recipes, an ode to dining in with emphasis on big flavors (and small commitments). Pick up a copy and rejuvenate your home cooking game from every angle. Serve this sorbet in grapefruit cups for an eye-catching presentation sure to delight. 

When I was little, I had frequent sleepovers at my grandma’s house. She fed me lots of macaroni and cheese (Velveeta, not the powdered kind), Peeps that she microwaved to make soft again (this is a good trick, actually), and orange sherbet served in halved oranges. When she was feeling fancy, she’d stud the top with kumquats from her tree, because this was California. I was so wildly impressed with this dessert that it truly rocked my world when I started to hear from other members of the family that “Grandma wasn’t a great cook.” Not a great cook? Hello! Have you even had those orange cups?

Anyway, turns out, Grandma really isn’t a great cook, but she is a great grandma.

Note: Despite the name of the recipe, you could fill these with just about any frozen, scoopable treat. Ice cream, sorbet, and sherbet are all fair game.

Do Ahead:  Cups can be made 1 week ahead, wrapped tightly, and frozen.

Reprinted with permission from Dining In