Just Cook It! is Justin Chapple‘s new gift to the home cooking community. Join Food & Wine‘s culinary director in chapter after chapter of simple recipes made for making-ahead, that you never knew you needed in your life. These smoked trout, beet and radish matzo tartines were designed for easy, delicious Passover noshing. 

No, I did not grow up with matzo, the crackerlike Jewish bread eaten on Passover. But now, thanks to Jason, who is famous for his matzo brei (a kind of eggy scramble), I always keep a box of the stuff in my pantry for cooking experiments. Sometimes I go sweet, covering the matzo with melted chocolate, chopped nuts, and dried fruit; sometimes I go savory, crushing it into bits to make bread crumbs. Here I use matzo as the base for an open-face sandwich, spread with chive mayo and topped with two completely underappreciated supermarket ingredients: smoked trout and packaged steamed beets.

Variation: Instead of smoked trout, use a can of tuna or sardines in olive oil. Just drain off the oil and break the fish into chunks.

Reprinted with permission from Just Cook It