Washington D.C. is home to a wealth of beloved restaurants, but Rasika stands out for its longevity and popularity. The modern Indian eatery takes classic preparations and modernizes them using local, seasonal produce. The ambiance, service and beverage program have all contributed to Rasika’s long reign as one of the Capitol’s favorites. This smoked rack of pork vindaloo will delight your holiday guests and make a spicy, colorful splash at the table. 

This rack of pork — smoky, adobe red, caramelized from the grill, and majestic — makes a sensational presentation at a dinner party.

The base of the vindaloo sauce and the pork marinade is Peri- Peri Paste, named after fiery hot bird’s eye chili peppers known as peri-peris. (I use dried Kashmiri chilies.) This gives the sauce heat and tang. Pearl onions add sweetness to help balance the heat. (Frozen onions work well and save a lot of time and effort, but feel free to use blanched fresh pearl onions.)

Optimally, you should make the vindaloo sauce, which is also great for lamb and chicken dishes, at least a day in advance to mellow and deepen its flavors. You will need 2 cups (a double batch) of peri- peri paste: 5 tablespoons for the wet rub and the rest for the sauce. You can make the peri- peri paste well in advance.

Have the butcher trim the ends of the rack’s bones of all fat and meat to expose them. (This is called “frenching.”)

Reprinted with permission from Rasika