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Pair smoky grilled chorizo with savory rice for a satisfying dinner.

Usher in outdoor cooking season with the latest cookbook from Ben Tish, one of London’s preeminent grilling experts. Peruse this collection of recipes, which spans from classic grilled meats to more elegant vegetarian preparations. This grilled chorizo is not one of those elegant vegetarian preparations. Ready to dig in? 

You can buy ready-smoked chorizo, but I prefer to cold-smoke fresh cooking chorizo with apple wood chips and then grill it quickly over a high heat. There’s nothing quite like the smell of grilling chorizo for causing a stir and an impromptu gathering around the grill! A cooling saffron aioli is just the thing for dipping the hot chorizo, and the vivid yellow looks great with the paprika-red meat.

You’ll also need a cold-smoking device and some apple wood chips.

Reprinted with permission from Grill Smoke BBQ