Cooking for a hungry crowd never has to be a “whole thing” with this fantastic collection of recipes from Scottish food writer Flora Shedden. Freshen up your dinner party repertoire or simply add a new favorite to your weeknight meal lineup. This slow roast pork belly with mustard mash may become a special occasion favorite. 

Pork belly is such a cheap and versatile cut of meat, but it needs to be looked after.
I know plenty of people that will avoid it on a menu simply because they have had a badly cooked fatty slab of it years ago. “Low and slow” is the trick with all fattier cuts, and the same applies here. By cooking the meat on top of the apple and onions, they caramelize at a slower rate and make the meat sweeter at the same time. This is perfect for feeding a larger crowd, as it is both time- and cost-effective, and will fill up even the hungriest of guests on a cold, dark winter’s night.

Reprinted with permission from Gatherings