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We’re working our way through British chef and “lightening-up” empress Lorraine Pascale’s new book, Everyday Easy. Just because it’s light and simple doesn’t mean it can’t be flavor-packed and beautiful. 

Now, this is a slow-cook but very fast-prep dish, so I thought I would add it to the book. I made this at home one Sunday, just lobbing all of the ingredients into a pot and leaving it to cook for ages. I was not expecting anything amazing, just thinking about a bit of lamb for dinner. But when it was cooked, I tasted a little and nearly ate the whole lot and did the little dance that people sometimes do when they taste something really good. When I brought the lamb, basically half-eaten, to my hungry family, they were not amused, to say the least, and I ended up having to sling some chops on the grill to make up for it. I am not ashamed to admit that I love a good Australian Chardonnay, and its powerful flavors work well in this dish. Having said that, any other white wine would be great to cook with, too.

Reprinted with permission from Everyday Easy